After working for 25 years in Connecticut’s kitchen and bath industry, James relocated to Maine in 2018. As a project manager at Knickerbocker Group, he relies on his sharp eye for detail and strong organizational skills whether he’s managing a small kitchen renovation or overseeing the construction of a beautiful residence.

James developed his talent for carpentry by repairing and renovating his family’s eighteenth-century farmhouse, purchased by his grandfather in 1903. He has a deep regard for the style and ethos of the Arts and Crafts movement, drawn to its simplicity and longevity, as well as its integration of art, architecture, and design.

He is the former president of the Connecticut chapter of Northeast Organic Farming Association and founded the state’s Berlin Farmers Market, in addition to having run his own organic farm. James is also an avid naturalist, trail runner and biker, skier, swimmer, reader, and traveler.