Nick Gray Bio

Nick has been interested in architecture and design since he can remember.  While attending high school, just across the border in New Hampshire, he took classes on drafting by hand and using early versions of AutoCAD. More recently, while he worked towards an Associate’s degree in Architecture & Engineering Design and a Certificate in Building Science & Sustainability, Nick became interested in the many aspects of sustainable and energy efficient design.

With several years in the kitchen and bath industry, his background includes countertop sales and manufacturing, as well as designing kitchens and baths at a local showroom. Additionally, his work experience has consisted of contributions to large scale industrial and commercial projects for an environmental and infrastructure firm.

Nick currently lives in downtown Portland where he takes advantage of all that the city has to offer­—He enjoys the growing restaurant scene in town and attending live music at one of the many local venues. Nick is an avid reader, frequent listener of podcasts, and an enthusiast of current and up-and-coming technologies.