Sprawling porch with waterfront views at the Barbican project Bold columns in front of a waterfront view at the Barbican project A view of the open deck with screened-in patio entryway with coastal views The view of the approach to the front porch and screened-in sitting area A close-up of the wooden detail on the private balcony Covered deck with plenty of sitting space and coastal views knickerbocker-group-project-saltwater-farm-maine-family-home-coastal-living knickerbocker-group-project-summer-haven-maine-estate-family-home knickerbocker-group-project-summer-haven-maine-estate-family-home A dresser with silver design on wood along the entryway. Front doors with lantern-style outside lights, warm welcoming doors with windows at the top, and a bench on the front porch. Front porch with woven outdoor furniture and views of the coast at Umami Point