After 45+ years of designing, building, and crafting custom houses and buildings throughout Maine, we have learned many important lessons. Good design starts with caring, thoughtfulness, and attentive listening. We create client-driven designs that reflect our practice at listening. Our work is custom because our clients are as diverse as the houses we build for them. Our houses are deeply personal to our clients and as such, our relationships with our clients are close and personal as well. Equally as important is the energy and excitement for the vision we create together, and being able to articulate that vision from the first program meeting to the last day on the construction site.

Our work is underscored by process-driven delivery—40+ years and each time we strive to do it better. We guide our clients from start to finish, and find the best way to succeed is with frequent and effective communication. We like to tell our clients what we are going to do before we do it, so they are aware and as involved as they would like to be. While we value process, we will never compromise quality.

Quality is a concept that extends to the core of who we are. We believe we are the best architecture, design, and construction management firm in Maine; we are extremely proud of what we do and even more excited about how we do it. Despite the finely crafted work we produce, we are not pretentious. We are nice people obsessed with architecture, historic homes, design inspirations, building science, and the latest construction practices. We like to practice our craft and have fun along the way!

As a 100% employee-owned company, we strive for balance. We value spending time with our families, being active in our communities, and celebrating all Maine has to offer. We are passionate about Maine and supporting its people—clients, creatives, artisans, craftsmen, all of us—who choose to live here.

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