knickerbocker-group-project-boothbay-harbor-country-club-commercial-golf-resort knickerbocker-group-project-boothbay-harbor-country-club-commercial-golf-resort Marine life red wallpaper with lobsters, shellfish, coral, and more in the powder room at Ocean Ciff knickerbocker-group-project-pumpkin-way-maine-estate-coastal-living knickerbocker-group-project-summer-haven-maine-estate-family-home knickerbocker-group-project-summer-haven-maine-estate-family-home knickerbocker-group-project-summer-haven-maine-estate-family-home knickerbocker-group-project-boothbay-town-landing-barn-maine-coastal-living knickerbocker-group-project-boothbay-town-landing-house-maine-coastal-home knickerbocker-group-project-boothbay-town-landing-house-maine-coastal-home A view of the lounge chair facing the coastal views at Umami Point Master bedroom of guesthouse with unique wallpaper, red accents, a bed along the window, and views of the coast at Umami Point A unique vanity with quartz, granite, and tile details at Umami Point Unique quartz basin with black faucet, multicolored tile backsplash, and granite countertop at Umami Point The master bathroom spa area with built-in closet, bathtub with coastal views, and a walk-in shower. The spa area with built-in closet space and elegant chandelier Spa area with closet space and elegant chandelier A large stove with unique backsplash, pocket door to pantry, and natural light in the guesthouse kitchen at Umami Point A view of the spacious kitchen in the guesthouse at Umami Point The accent wall in the guesthouse living room highlights the coastal views at Umami Point Neutral accent wall in the living room of the guesthouse at Umami Point