Bill Burge Bio

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Husson College in 1989, Bill spent the early parts of his career honing his skills in both sales and management of retail businesses.  He moved to Boothbay in 1997 where he began his career in retail lumber as a salesman for Poole Brothers Lumber. In January of 2000, Bill joined Boothbay Home Builders, now known as Knickerbocker Group, as a project manager.  He spent 5 years managing high-end residential projects until an opportunity to rejoin the retail lumber business was presented to him in 2005. After 14 years acquiring in-depth knowledge of the business, sales, distribution, and procurement side of the construction industry, Bill rejoined Knickerbocker Group. He has provided residential project management for projects throughout the Boothbay region and contributed to the creation of Knickerbocker Group’s preconstruction services team. When the occasion arose to help guide the launch of our prefabrication facility, Bill was eager to take the helm and put his years of industry experience in construction wholesale to good use. Bill was especially drawn to this initiative having just watched his son leave the state to find more affordable housing opportunities.  Seeing firsthand the difficulties of finding housing for people of all age groups and income levels inspired him to take a proactive role in solving the problem.

In his spare time, Bill loves playing hockey in men’s league, golfing with friends and family, but most importantly spending time with his family whenever he can.