Mason Palmatier, MBA Bio

Mason is passionate about the role numbers and data contribute to making smart business decisions. Previous experience as a small business owner and financial analyst allowed Mason to develop a keen understanding of the intersection between fiscal awareness and the vitality of a company. At Knickerbocker Group, Mason works on budgeting, payroll, and financial impact studies to bring clarity to our clients and team on project and material costs.

Mason is a member of the Board of Directors for Midcoast Humane as well as a Brunswick Downtown Association Member. He received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern Maine and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Honors from the University of Maine Orono.

Brunswick is home to Mason, his wife, and their two young boys—where life outside of Knickerbocker Group entails much of his time spent building Hot Wheels tracks, going for family hikes, and tackling home improvement projects.