With over 40 years of design experience, Roland’s expertise includes distinguished national and international residential and commercial spaces. After graduating from the Boston Architecture College, Roland spent many years in Boston before relocating to the West Coast. While working in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Roland immersed himself in mid-century modern and California casual style—aesthetics he still draws from in many of his designs. His portfolio includes luxury villas, high-end residences, restaurants, and retail spaces—each embracing a unique style from traditional and transitional to contemporary, highlighting his innate ability to craft designs reflective of his clients’ needs.

Roland’s design philosophy is rooted in the art of perceptive listening, recognizing that true excellence in design comes from a profound understanding of his clients’ desires. He enjoys being a positive and solution-focused collaborator—not just with clients but with all members of the design-build team. Often, this translates to Roland hand sketching during meetings so clients can see their vision take shape. In addition to his architecture experience, Roland is also a Certified Interior Designer (CID) which allows him to seamlessly weave together the structural foundations of design with a keen eye for style.