Stephen Malcom Bio

It was summer work as a sailing instructor in the early 1970s that first brought Steve to Maine, but it was a newfound passion for home construction that drew him back. He was energized not only by the natural beauty of the midcoast, but by the extraordinary skills, artistry, and can-do attitude found in the friends, co-workers, and community that surrounded him.

For two years, he gained carpentry knowledge and began developing relationships that inspired him to open Boothbay Home Builders in 1978. BHB quickly became known for its quality construction and attention to detail. With the addition of woodworking services in 1985, architecture and design expertise in 1990, and property management in 1998, Knickerbocker Group was formed. Knickerbocker Group opened a second office in Portland in 2015, added interior design services in 2017, and followed with COVE Homes and decor in 2019. Today, those same values that guided Steve in 1978 remain the core of the company he built:  strong work ethic, exceptional skills and ingenuity, consistent quality, personal integrity, and complete dedication to employees and clients alike.

Steve is committed to sharing the success of Knickerbocker Group with the Maine community. He recognizes the importance of being engaged and active in the support of economic and community development interests throughout the state. His ability to envision and encourage sustainable innovation has made him a valuable board member of organizations such as:  Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, the Opera House of Boothbay Harbor, the Boothbay Region Joint Economic Development Committee, Saint Joseph’s College, Town of Boothbay Board of Appeals, and North Yarmouth Academy.

As Founder/CEO of Knickerbocker Group, Steve has set the tone for a company culture that creates an environment where employees truly love where they work and are encouraged to be passionate about what they do. A teacher at heart, Steve mentors employees to stop and have a conversation, to care and be thoughtful at work and in the world, to spend a little more time with family, and to listen. He leads with, “Yes” and offers the support to make it happen—not just with imagination but with action and follow-through. In transitioning Knickerbocker Group to an employee-owned ESOP, Steve has empowered each person to model and carry on his leadership, values, and vision.

Steve and his family love a good adventure! When not gardening or paddling the Boothbay shoreline, they are often in Rangeley hiking and camping or sledding and skiing.

Watch Steve’s Maine Live video presentation in which he discusses the importance of “kicking the dirt,” and asking the questions, “What if?” and “Why not?”

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