Ashley Lowe Bio

In 2022, to be closer to her New England family, Ashely took a leap of faith and moved to a state she had never visited… Maine. Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a focus in painting and photography she has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Brevard College, paired with a Master of Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon. Ashley melds her creative sense for color, texture, and craftsmanship as a thread throughout her design approach. At Knickerbocker Group, she applies her expertise developing design plans, product specifications, and construction details across projects. Ashley is versed in preparing furniture layouts and selecting a project’s ideal fixtures and finishes, while translating client dreams and desires into functional spaces. As an artist, and one who cherishes hands-on processes, Ashley most enjoys building relationships with our artisans and craftspeople, sourcing original art, materials, fabrics, and furnishings.

Ashley relishes in time spent being creative. She is a flower admirer, too, and has worked as a freelance floral designer. During the colder months and her personal time, Ashley creates mixed media works on canvas and paper collages, each piece demonstrating her love for texture, color, and found materials. When not creating, she explores local trails and maintains her passion for long distance running. Ashley lives in Buxton, in a home she calls her “treehouse”, with glimpses of wildlife, surrounded by forest and owls.