Danielle Betts is a Director at Knickerbocker Group

Danielle guides Knickerbocker Group’s strategic and operational practices, including architecture and interior design, and how they interrelate to construction services and property management. She has worked in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry for over 25 years, in both real estate and as a licensed Professional Engineer and Land Use Specialist.

When Danielle joined Knickerbocker Group in 2007 as the Design Services Manager, she soon recognized the need to expand her role into strategic marketing and business development. Joining a company with less than 30 employees and a founder who wore every hat, she introduced a leadership model that proved to be foundational for the scalability and evolution of the company that today has grown to include more than 80 team members in offices in Boothbay and Portland.

Danielle thrives on helping employees grow and seeks to recognize an individual’s unique skills and passions. She guides team members to be inspired and thoughtful leaders who visualize and initiate change, which contributes to their professional development and growth as well as to the company’s. She works one-on-one with Knickerbocker Group’s practice leaders and managers to help them lead their teams, and her mantra, “train your own replacement,” encourages employees to think forward to the next chapter of their professional career in addition to providing mentorship.

On nearly all projects, Danielle holds the role of client advocate. She oversees the design-build process to ensure that the client is always listened to and understood, and that the project team is communicating well and delivering high-quality service. Danielle is the first phone call if a client or other team member has concerns or questions along the way.

Danielle and her husband, artist Brad Betts, built their own home in East Boothbay where they raised their two boys, Ben and Sam, both artists and musicians. In 2016, the Betts family purchased an old dairy farm on 35 acres in Edgecomb, transforming it into Down East Gallery: a creative space for art, music, and film.