Emma FitzGerald is in the marketing and design field at Knickerbocker Group

Emma graduated from the Art Institute, San Francisco, with a B.S. in graphic design. She returned to her home state to pursue her career and raise her children in Maine. For a number of years Emma ran her own freelance design business, then went on to work for a publishing and media company in Southern Maine as an Art Director. She joined Knickerbocker Group to continue doing what she loves, marketing and design. Emma finds the collaborative team at KG is a wealth of inspiration, providing her with a lively, creative environment on a day-to-day basis.

Emma is passionate about all things having to do with typography, illustration and design. From art, gardening, to color aesthetic and the spaces of her home—she values environment, both interior and exterior. She adores the hours spent with her two boys, her husband and their dogs; exploring, creating, and playing in the vastness of her native backyard. Maine encompasses everything she considers home.