For our longtime clients, Maine has always been a part of their family’s story. For nearly a century, a humble bungalow on the shores of the Sheepscot River had been the site of countless summer memories. Worn by age and years of love, the couple first collaborated with Knickerbocker Group to modernize the property. Years later, seeking additional space for their expanded family and friends, they once again turned to our team. Due to waterfront restrictions, the clients were limited as to viable solutions to add to their property, therefore the family set their sights on acquiring a 40-acre parcel just down the road.

Set along the river with a pastoral landscape, stonewalls, and an apple orchard, the new site offered the space the clients craved. A historic barn, original to the land’s once-existing farmhouse, initiated thoughtful restoration to serve as an entertaining space with utmost attention paid to salvaging as many of the original materials as possible. Next, their attention turned to the desire to create a tranquil spa retreat where they could work out and decompress surrounded by the beauty of their quintessential Maine.

When it came time to design, the team broke from tradition and presented an unexpected concept rooted in the prominent use of stone, steel, and glass. The clients immediately loved it. Over time, the design evolved to include a kitchen and common living room open to the outdoors, along with an office and loft space, as it was clear to all involved that the final product would be far more than just a gym.

Nestled into a meadowed landscape, the structure takes advantage of tidal river views and blends harmoniously with its setting. The entry facade is recessed into the grade of the land, resulting in a structure that feels of a smaller scale and one with the landscape. On the waterside, the nearly all-glass facade opens to lawn, meadow and water views, bringing nature to the forefront of Stoneview Spa’s spaces, inside and out. An integrated hot tub, dining area with a pizza oven, and stone patio create a spacious outdoor area for gatherings.

Inside a neutral, crisp palette creates a serene atmosphere, while the use of both local and natural materials, including Maine-quarried granite and red cedar roofing and trim, come together to create an indoor/outdoor experience. With the spa boasting a considerable amount of glass and occupying a stunning site, every window has a breathtaking view of either pine and meadow or the tidal river that wraps the property. The fully equipped gym is complemented by a glass steam shower and sauna making it a space ideal for both physical and mental rejuvenation.

The building is designed as a legacy structure with the intent that it will pass down within the same family for generations to come.