Greg Buzzel Bio

Greg has pursued architectural design to bring positive change to people’s lives. He graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. For three and a half years, Greg led the design team at a design/build firm, specializing in prefabrication and implementation of building science. Greg’s strong technical aptitude makes him well-suited to architectural problem-solving, and he is driven to deliver a home that will maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Greg and his wife Kathy enjoy exploring New England, camping, hiking, and spending time with their children, family, and friends. Greg has been an avid volunteer throughout his life and was an Avionics Mechanic with the Maine Army National Guard. Along with building science and architecture, Greg likes to keep up-to-date on scientific discoveries, renewable energy, and transportation technologies. In his spare time, you can often find him out on his road cycle in the warmer months and snowboarding in the winter.