Kris Daddona Bio

Kris’s connection to Maine began during his childhood when his family would take summer boating trips from their home in Connecticut north along Maine’s coastline. A love for its shores and rugged natural beauty encouraged him to move here after spending many years in New York City, where he worked in residential interior design as well as showroom, exhibition, and retail store design for CHANEL, Ralph Lauren, SAKS, Christie’s and several other luxury brands. At Knickerbocker Group, Kris plays an integral role in sourcing, scheming, refining, and implementing aesthetic as well as functional environments for discerning clientele. Always aiming to provide clients with exceptional service, Kris strives to exceed their expectations. He is passionate about integrity, nuance, detail, and unexpected charm.

Kris lives in Portland’s West End and is an ardent collector of everything from 19th-century Chinoiserie, Comme des Garcons shoes, and assorted printed matter to his mother’s quilts. He loves spending as much time outdoors as possible and indulging in Maine’s culinary scene.