Steve Arnold Bio

Steve holds a bachelor’s in environmental science from Unity College and began his career with the Department of Inland Fisheries, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and the Paris Utility District. His passion for the construction and the carpentry industry pulled him into his family’s contracting business for the next 15 years, during which time he worked on new projects and renovations throughout southern Maine and the Sebago Lake area.

An attentive listener, Steve believes the key to all successful projects is seamless communication and attention to detail followed by appropriate action. In his role as a job foreman, he is responsible for taking a project through its infancy, inspiring collaborative efforts toward a shared vision, and bringing a client’s dreams to life. At Knickerbocker Group, Steve has worked on a COVE Home and additional residential projects.

He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and is currently building a music room at his house in Richmond.