We were asked to design and build an impressive compound of residences for our client to entertain his clients and friends. This was to include a main house, two guest houses, a timber-framed barn and a garage which houses a guest apartment.

The vision and willingness of this client to consider interesting designs gave us opportunities to try new ideas. The design emphasis was on graceful lines, the combination of natural and painted wood elements, and cross gables with shingle flair accents. This round window was fitted into a custom milled stone trim within a Heritage stone wall, while cozy cherry paneling and mouldings lend to the home office atmosphere.

Reminiscent of a sailing vessel, this door hatch leads into a rich, cherry paneled bath.

A wonderful collaboration between our architects and the owner and interior designer provided for many details to craft. The eyebrow dormer in this bath casts a glow over the jacuzzi in carrera marble. This room made use of a “found” space in the attic recesses and takes advantage of a similarly framed view of the ocean over the sink.

A copper-topped screen porch radiates warmth and light in the “golden hour” of the day. An octagonal ceiling of fir and a floor of stone enclose the 360 degree room with outstanding views over Sheepscot Bay.