The first step in your Maine home journey is finding the spot that you will soon call home. And while we think of home as a place—a building or structure—a home is much more: the property itself is the most important decision you will make.  A building can always be modified, but the land should resonate with who you are: the location, the town, the community, and on the land itself, those qualities that speak to “your Maine,” what drew you here the first time, and why you want to stay.

Once you’ve found a property that speaks to “your Maine,” the process of transforming it into a home requires many steps beyond the acquisition phase, including planning, due diligence, visioning, and pricing. As real estate and home professionals, our goal is for you to be comfortable that the property you are buying is the right fit for your needs and budget and for you to achieve that comfort level before you commit to purchasing the property.

Knickerbocker Group has been assisting clients in making their Maine home dream a reality for 45 years.  There are a myriad of factors that will come into play in your search, and our team will help you consider each one to make the most informed decision.

Real Estate Acquisition

Knickerbocker Group has a full-service real estate brokerage arm, COVE Properties. Our team is deeply connected to Maine and the diversity it offers. Throughout the state, each town and region offers unique qualities, resources, and cultural attributes. We maintain a constant pulse on the Maine real estate market, finding possibilities through our network before they come to market. Once we’ve narrowed down your search, our real estate team connects you with the resources you need to make sure the property is the best match for your needs.

Planning and Due Diligence

Maine’s beautiful yet fragile shoreline and natural areas are protected by complex Federal, State, and local environmental regulations. We are experienced with navigating these laws as they relate to land use and development. Our team is equipped to make recommendations on each project’s specific needs, identifying both assets and restrictions that could limit the property’s potential. This is an essential step from the very beginning stages—a service we provide prior to property acquisition.


An important prerequisite to buying property is understanding the vision—your home, land, gardens, workspaces and guest spaces – and confirming the property can support it over the many years of owning the land. Our architectural and site planning team will listen to your  ideas, needs, and desires and demonstrate how your vision can be accommodated based on the site’s unique characteristics, opportunities, and boundaries.

Cost Estimating

By understanding your vision prior to property acquisition, we can then provide the most valuable tool in making an informed decision: cost estimating.  Working with our in-house construction managers, we offer guidance on anticipated expenses so you fully understand the “all-in” (acquisition + improvements) costs before committing to the purchase of a parcel of land or a home in need of renovation.

Your Maine journey should be one of the most exciting, joyful, and rewarding experiences in your lifetime. Let us help you connect with your Maine!

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